I used to do the oversharing-with-strangers thing and fill this space with personal anecdotes. Now, I mainly use it as a digital recipe journal.

Since this repository is primarily for my own benefit (anyone who’s tried to read my handwriting, you know where I’m coming from) (also, if you’ve tried to decipher a hand-written recipe I scanned to you and it makes its way to this site, you’re welcome), I may edit a recipe from time to time if I find a better way to make it. I may or may not note these changes. Just a heads up, in case you make something and then revisit what looks like a different recipe. More often than not, it’ll be a leavener or binder.

A very long time ago, I lived in Chicago, smack dab between the Sears Tower and lake Michigan. Eventually I ended up on a small acreage in the South. I’m a vegan whole grains baker, somewhat book- and movie-obsessed, with very strong opinions about Salinger, KieĊ›lowski, the horror genre, and this perspective on atheism.

I love conversation if the subject is anything mentioned above, so feel free to drop me an e-mail (or leave a comment) if you’d like. Thanks for stopping by.

windycityvegan @ gmail . com